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    >*My* main interest in Tabor is still learning how Varisys managed to squeeze 3 SerDes lanes and 4 PCIe lanes out of the P1022‘s 6 SerDes lanes and to overcome the restrictions of the SerDes configurations predefined by Freescale/NXP.


    >To this end, I‘m eagerly awaiting the publication of the Tabor block diagram.

    >> if I can get [11,2 PowerMac support] I'll settle for the X5000

    My spelling checker.

    Hmm, yes, you have mentioned the issue regardinging the limited SerDes lanes before.
    Honestly, they just picked the wrong processor.
    And with this much time they could have corrected for that, unless....someone was foolish enough to buy 1000 P1022 cpus. ;-)
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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