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    I have no doubt 1000 P1022 cups were purchased, and it seems quite likely that a significant production run of motherboards was made (a LOT more than 5) considering the number of the people I have talked to that have one or have been offered one.

    Why WE are wasting our time discussing Tabor is beyond me. If our developers were going to support that platform they would (a) already have the boards (b) have announced is was a target...and (c) already be working on the port.

    It's not our concern.
    We have our Macs, the Pegasos, the SAM460 and the X5000.
    I wouldn't buy a Tabor board at any price, even if it was two for one.

    Personally, I want 11,2 PowerMac support, and if I can't get that I'll settle for the X5000.

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