Pegasos/MorphOS graphic boards compatibility list!!!!
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    > if Mark follows his progressive evolution path, the R600 and the
    > R700 cards would be the most likely to receive 3D support first.
    > Personally, I'd like to see 3D support for higher end cards.

    Change of mind? ;-)

    > the cards supported by Warp3D Nova, Radeon HD 77xx-79xx series
    > graphics card (excluding the Radeon HD 7790), Radeon HD R7 240/240D,
    > Radeon HD R7 250, Radeon HD R7 250E, Radeon HD 250X/265, and the
    > Radeon HD R9 270/270X/280/280X are all getting king of dated.

    That's why Warp3D Nova has started supporting Polaris/GCN4 seven months ago:

    > GCN gen 1 and gen 2 would give us a lot of compatibility with OS4.

    Make that 4 instead of 2. OS4 jumped straight to GCN4 from GCN1, skipping GCN2 and GCN3.
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    Jim wrote:

    sailor wrote:
    Please, are there some benchmarks to compare Radeon9800 and HD4xxx ?
    For example SDLBench and MPlayer. And please, is it PCI card?
    Or some new ideas about best card for Pegasos2?

    Just now I overclocked my Pegasos 2 to 1.33GHz and want also upgraded graphics. I take Radeon 9800Pro and will try overclocking. But maybe HD4xxx will be better choice.

    That is an accomplishment, but I think I would have just looked for a universally keyed R360 based card. At least you'd have 3D support. Although with the R700, you do still get overlay support. I don't play a lot of games, so 3D is less important.

    Yes. I was try to find universal-keyed R360.
    But - the best R360 card I found is probably 9800 XT (cca 8% faster then my 9800PRO), only 1.5V version.
    The only universal AGP with R360 what I found was ATI FireGL X2-256 - and this have different RAM config, i.e. it cannot be flashed to 9800XT. The best solution seems to be slightly overclock my 9800PRO.

    Because I need more compositing and prefer actual Morphos SDL games over 3D games, I was asking for benchmarks. Doesn't matter, if I get some HD4xxx, I test it and post benchmarks here.

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    >Make that 4 instead of 2. OS4 jumped straight to GCN4 from GCN1, skipping GCN2 and GCN3.

    I rather liked GCN1 myself.
    GCN2, since my only experience with that was an R7 260X, was a bit of a disappointment.

    I believe Mark has a representatives of GCN 1, 2, 3, and 4.

    I'd just like to be able to use a Radeon 7770. RX580 would be nice. ;-)
    I believe Mark mentioned owning an RX570, so GCN4 support is not an impossibility.

    Addendum: As Navi is apparently GCN derived, that would make it GCN5 wouldn't it (as Radeon VII appears to just be GCN4 on steriods).

    We haven't even ventured into GCN support, and the last GCN generation is due to be launched this year.

    Modern video card support, improved OpenGL support, SMP, and memory protection.
    All of which could be started on our higher end PPC systems, but are a must for an X64 variant.

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