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    Hi guys,

    I bought an MacMini G4. Look for specs below. And Im trying to boot from the MorphOSCD. Ive check the CD - it runs perfectly on my G5 but even after pressing C and using the ALT boot option on the G4 it does not want to boot. You can hear the bootproces and see a white screen after a few seconds but after that it's a black screen. The white screen also shows on the G5 but after that it show the MorphOS installation screen. The G4 does not. Weird Stuff.

    Intro. January 11, 2005* Disc. February 28, 2006
    Order M9686LL/A* Model A1103 (EMC 2026)
    Family Mac mini ID PowerMac10,1
    RAM 256 MB, 512 MB VRAM 32 MB
    Storage 40.0 GB HDD Optical 8X "Combo Drive"

    Side note. The previous owner installed some LinuxOS on a WD80GB HD. But it fails to boot. IMHO had to do nothing with booting from the CD does it? Or does it do a check for some sort of integrity of the HD (MBR etc)???



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