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    > X5000/40 boards are due

    Btw, a comment by Trevor made in a recent interview:

    "I've even tested the latest version of MorphOS on my 'AmigaOne X5000/40' beta system."

    But unfortunately no comment as to the result of the test ;-)

    And, while not news, mentioned in the same interview:

    "MorphOS developer, Mark Olsen [...] updated the uboot firmware for the 'AmigaOne X5000 models and is working on other drivers for A-EON."

    And also:

    "If users don't buy the upgrades that Hyperion Entertainment release there will be no funds to continue developing the core AmigaOS 4 assets. Same goes for MorphOS of course."

    The MorphOS team might object to that notion :-) At least I can't remember having bought any MorphOS upgrade since MorphOS 2.0.
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