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    redrumloa wrote:
    Why OS4 systems ever shipped with Radeon R9s that aren't anywhere near being fully supported I will never understand.

    Especially from a community that continues to pretend that "hardware isn't everything". Yet turn your back and they go run out and buy the highest end card they can get away with. A 2003-era Radeon 9000 like I had in my Peg-1 will still easily run almost everything available.

    I have an R9 390X. It was a stupid purchase even for a Windows machine. It's insane, drawing more wattage than the rest of the i7 computer through two CPU-grade power leads and blowing it all out with three fans. I had to add a 1000W PSU to feed (my previous 800W one couldn't output enough on two rails!) and several more case fans to stop its massive heat outwash overheating the CPU. It runs almost everything in ultra mode and anything older that 2016 in 4K easily. It is not a card for pottering around watching YouTube videos.

    Not all R9 cards are so impractical, but even so, to cram this kind of monster into a system where it can't even run a video in 1080p and have to use VGA or DVI output is the height of stupidity.

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