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    redrumloa wrote:
    The Terons probably couldn't have been made to boot OS4 because of firmware, or at least I couldn't with my knowledge.

    Don't forget that Genesi were busy trying to push Pegasos as an alternative Apple, so there was much alarm at the possibility of running OS4 in an emulator and bypassing the hardware sales completely. (Not that they ever had to worry, since that whole prospect was broken by design... and still is.) Oh, and there was the jealous guarding of code that is a hallmark of the Friedens. They just. Did. Not. Share.

    The idea of Amikit/A-Eon/Hyperion/OS4 devs colluding to spike the firmware and make it OS4 only isn't exactly what I had meant. They would need a working knowledge of MorphOS to do that, and I don't think they have it. In my head it's far more plausible that they spent money hiring a developer for their firmware, and aren't budgeted for any maintenance. But we're in the land of complete guesswork now.
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