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    KennyR wrote:

    So, people have figured out that there is no practical reason why MorphOS wouldn't run on X5000, it clearly does. There isn't a legal leg to stand on not running MorphOS on X5000, as even in 2016 you can still run anything you want on a computer. Or, wait, can you? I have a theory. Let's see how it pans out.

    Please note that MorphOS was publicly demonstrated running on an A-Eon X5000 at the Amiga 30 event in Neuss, Germany. Where do you think the developers got the required development hardware from more than a year before retail deliveries finally started?

    Nobody is denying that MorphOS *runs* on the X5000. Whether or not it runs optimally or requires invalidation of warranty, is another matter. And if it does not, there will be no official release of MorphOS.

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