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    Jim wrote:
    Because I should listen to you instead of the few developers I know or the friend that I have that's using an X5000 under MorphOS right now, sure...

    OK Red, you're right, Amigans ARE a bunch of head cases.

    Fortunately not as much as a bunch of head cases as Amiga vendors - especially A-Eonkit.

    Do you really think they'd risk MorphOS becoming more popular on their flagship "OS4 boards"? I'm told by at least one very good source in the OS4 camp that they have absolutely no intention of allowing that. Cheep cheep.

    But keep believing, if it helps you get through the day.

    I don't know who has been filling you in on their opinion about this, but Trevor supports the idea of MorphOS running on the X5000.
    And besides, why would we give a rat's ass what the OS4 community wants?
    Its not like they can stop third party software from running on the hardware.

    And if A-eonkit didn't want our developers working with Aeon's hardware, why would they have helped them to source it?
    We aren't warring factions you know, its just a hobbyist platform, not a religion.

    Remember how Hyperion ported OS4 to the Pegasos 2 in 2006 and then sat on it for years until Genesi had stopped selling them? Remember how people actually *saw* OS4 running on the Peg2 and had posted screenshots, only to be met with a wall of impenetrable silence or outright denials? (Something about "undocumented hardware" springs to mind, as with the Apples) Remember how it was then released without a word of apology or anything else when it was clear that Genesi wouldn't make a single penny from it, and any questioning of why it took so long was ignored or censored?

    If you think anything has changed in the last decade, you may be somewhat disappointed. Hyperion (or Amikit?) wanted Cyrus, back in the day, to be exclusive, and Trevor wanted everything on it.
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