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    Jim wrote:

    redrumloa wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    And calling somebody psychotic in a public forum is slander.
    And btw, whether you like him or not, slandering a lawyer is pretty STUPID.

    I don't know about the EU, but here in the US insulting someone is not illegal. I don't know if I'd call Hermans psychotic, but I would call him a crook IMO.

    You are misinformed, not only is it NOT legal, its actionable.
    An insult, is just that, its not an unqualified statement about another's mental state.
    That is slander.

    This is the internet. You must be new here. Have a seat.


    Better yet, you use the term "crook", short for crooked if I'm not mistaken, or in other word someone who engages in illegal activities.
    So, exactly what do you think he did that violated the law?
    We aren't talking ethics here, we're talking actual wrong doing.

    This kind of crap makes US look bad, its muckraking.

    Stop letting your sentiments overwhelm your reasoning.

    For what I said: being incompetent, arrogant, abusive, or an arse - none of these are crimes, therefore it is not slanderous or libelous in any way that could be legally actionable. Could be defamatory, but if you're going to accuse me of being defamatory to BEN HERMANS I'm going to laugh you all the way off the planet and into a galaxy with no other name but Irony. Just with the power of laughter. Besides, Ben really doesn't want to open up another legal suit - he hasn't had a good history in that regard so far...

    For what Redrumloa said: crookedness or criminality has, at least, never been one of Herman's issues. Just everything else.

    Why are you so butthurt about this anyway? None of this is disputed - Hyperion's OS4 product was not successful, Hyperion went into debt after a settlement that appeared to favour them but actually cost them more than they could afford, OS4 isn't developed any more, nobody can afford the AmigaOS rights. You wanted to know why OS4 development was so, uhm, slow. We all know why.
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