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    Jim wrote:

    amigadave wrote:
    ...Edit: Hyperion Entertainment also does not have the funds or developers to complete AmigaOS4.2 at all (or at least it seems that way).

    Speculative, but quite possibly true.
    And if they did, would anyone get it as a free upgrade (like Aeon customers)?

    I do share your opinion on Trevor's financial gain (or lack thereof).
    He's paying Varisys well for their role, and the entire project has been totally professional.
    Quite a nice change for the AmigaOne market.

    Trevor didn't supply the X1000 project with his own altruism. There was a reason (beyond the CPU) that the X1000 was so expensive, and that's that Trevor took no risks on it at all. He didn't take the risk of underselling and so made no savings on economy of scale. They were made in the most expensive way possible, practically to order.

    I don't get why Trevor's seen as the great philanthropist here. He started the project, managed the project, but didn't put anything else of himself into the project. He was careful to avoid all risks to himself and confine them to the purchaser alone, to-wit the purchasers ended up with nigh-on unsupported product for megabucks.


    Also the third party additions he's sponsoring for OS4.1 are shaping up nicely.

    The question I have been pondering is, does Hyperion deserve all the criticism it gets over its slow delivery and inability to finance the development of future versions of AmigaOS?

    Yep. Yup. YES.

    Hyperion took advantage of contemporary looseness of labour laws regarding sub-contractors (a situation that no longer exists). They kept driving a product when its sales failed to meet a fraction of expectations. They allowed themselves to be conned by Amiga Inc and put themselves into deep debt hopelessly fighting a lawsuit they believed they could win. And most of all, they failed to keep the userbase aware of their problems, instead driving them on and on with MAPs and announcements of announcements.

    Hyperion are absolutely totally to blame.


    If you look at it from a strictly economic sense, they haven't made much money on this and they are still persistently pushing forward. If the aren't generating the funds they need to move faster, who is at fault?

    Not everybody can afford Trevor Dickenson's level of commitment.

    And not everyone can be as much as a psychotically stubborn arse as Ben Hermans.
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