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    amigadave wrote:

    I find it amusing that KennyR acts just as fanatical as the worst AmigaOS4.x users he complains about. Maybe he thinks it is justified, to some how balance the world he lives in. That kind of fanaticism, on either side of the AmigaNG universe is very tiresome and old, and so very childish, but some people will refuse to grow up.

    From the outside, looking in, it really looks like a sickness that they cannot control. I won't claim to be completely free of such tendencies, but I am very thankful that my impulses have calmed down over the years, and that I can see things more objectively now.

    Edit: From AmigaKit's last comment in this thread, it sounds like we might have a chance to see AmigaOS4.1FE finally released for the X5000, perhaps at this year's AmiWest Show next month.

    Having an AWN moderator call you a fanatic is irony bonus +1000.

    Now, explain what I said that was fanatical - or kindly be quiet.
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