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    >>> As someone from MorphOS Team told me... only a handful of licenses
    >>> came from Sam460 users

    >> No surprise considering the current state of GPU support.
    >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAMTXPvDvWA

    > No wonder he gets slow graphics when using a gfx card that is almost entirely
    > unsupported, not even 2D, only rudimentary frame buffer support.

    Thanks for reiterating my point. Problem is, Sam460ex users are mostly existing OS4 users with Radeon HD graphics card and single hard drive. They don't want to severely change their systems just for MorphOS but would try and maybe purchase it if it supported their hardware as is. (Potential) users of new Sam460cr not that much interested in OS4 may buy graphics cards better supported by MorphOS but they'd still suffer the hard drive problem and have the additional problem of lacking audio.
    Under these circumstances, the low number of Sam460 licenses is fully understandable.
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