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    >>> we amigans can ask him to keep room on the motherboard for open-smart firmware chip...

    >> What for?

    > this laptop will run with U-Boot that is good for AmigaOS only.

    In addition to what Kronos said, MorphOS is being ported to Sam460 (and has already been shown running on it), which has U-Boot.

    > MorphOS instead uses Open-smart firmware to run

    MorphOS also runs with non-"smart" OpenFirmware (on PPC Macs), and has also run with other firmwares in the past.

    > I hope it will not end in opening the project in the same way that Genesi
    > promised with Pegasos II motherboard, when they disclosed pratically nothing...

    Well, they have open-sourced the Pegasos II motherboard, but just "forgot" to do same with the CPU board ;-) (btw, was that ever given at a later point?)
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