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    I've do a small tutorial some moth ago:

    this is a translation here :

    Copy the install command available in http://aminet.net/util/misc/Installer-43_3.lha to C:

    Install the game via the installation script.

    You must copy the ExodusTLW_V21, SetUp and ExodusConvGFXENG files (available in this archive (PegasosUpgrade directory) in the game directory

    Double click ExodusConvGFXENG to convert graphics, write ":" in the destination and click Start.

    In the SetUp, select the resolution and write ide.device unit 1 (for the mac mini).

    It should also create a 320x240 resolution 8bits for the game to function properly.

    Double click ExodusTLW_V21 then click "Continue" every time we you offer then the game finally launches.

    Sorry for my bad english...
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