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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > now it needs OpenGL 2.0+ on Linux, which puts it
    > out of the reach of GPUs older than 2012 or so.

    I don't know which version of OpenGL Warzone 2100 v4.2.7 really requires as a minimum, but OpenGL 2.0 has been supported by Radeon cards for a decade longer than that, namely since the R300 days (Radeon 9500/9700).

    Integrated hardware from this era, like integral Intel or nVidia, don't have OpenGL 2.0. They have 1.5 at best (and if you're lucky), which stopped being supported in WZ2100 2.3.6.

    What are people most likely to run Linux on in 2022, other than steam decks? Yep, old hardware with Intel graphics, old laptops, netbooks and ancient desktops: hardware that otherwise makes no sense to run Windows on.

    And if you think this is too old and people shouldn't be using such things, remember WZ2100 is a 1999 game.


    > Rumour has it they're even trying to get it running on Vulkan.

    Rumour? Trying? The official announcement of v4.0.0 in April 2021 mentioned new Vulkan support.

    Stupid. It will bring absolutely nothing to a 1999 game except difficulty of porting. Vulkan is there to allow low level access to allow software to get closer to the full power of the hardware. There isn't any 3D hardware in use that can't run WZ2100 hardware-wise - it ran comfortably on the lowest end Trident 3D. And Vulkan will only run on modern cards. Adding these false software constraints just sends the project backwards.

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