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    I appreciate that there must have already been a lot of hard work done, and I have the English version of The Settlers II CD - Gold Edition (v1.51) but I tried to quickly work out which files needs to go where, but it just seemed like too much fiddling about at the moment, as it failed to find some files, something related to a colors file, but I've deleted it all, as it was a mess in the RTTR directory I'd made, and I got nowhere really.

    I use an abadonware rip version not hte whole cd. (but i think it's the same - cd audio) It's packed in rar file so i just extract it. In this directory i copied the extracted rttr files.
    Anyway if you have difficulties, try snoopdos or snoopium or scout. These utils tells everyting what you need, and what your program doesn't find.
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