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    Own website? We're not talking about website.

    Same thing apply to any binary distribution. A nice package around (icon, drawer, doc, licence, etc...) is always a must have.

    If you really want to help him, do these for him. I create drawer and icon for the program about 5 sec. About a doc: it is changing every release (mostly one or two week. You can see the changes in the projects home page. I think it is not many sense to copy and paste this info into a readme.txt.
    Of course when everything is ready this can be a lot of help, how to install etc.

    About licence: Who the F*** needs licence? Are you a lawyer? Because normal people don't wasting their time to read bullshit pages wich're tell you that you don't even own your computer. (http://www.pcpitstop.com/spycheck/eula.asp) I own my computer and set the rules so i don't need any licenses.


    Do you like this kind of dish garbageplate or niceplate?

    Sorry i prefer this one: http://mindmegette.hu/lapokkepek/cikkek/116000/116696_becsi-szelet01.jpg
    , and it is applied for binaries: It can be nice, but it must be a lot of too.
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