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    I tried the latest build (07.13)

    Suddenly realized that it is recommended to install all of the build not the latest. Earlier i missed one of the build, and the program just crashed (application meditating) and the main menu.

    Now it is working correctly.

    Some bugs:

    If i set the resolution to full screen it's running correctly, but when i quit and restart the game it is running in windowed mode. (i checked the congif file and fullscreen flag is 1. If i set it again to fullscreen inside the option menu it is working until quit.
    I tried it 1440*960 1024*768 and 800*600. On the lower resolution the window is keep the 1440*960 resolution in window.

    If i set manually the fullscreen flag to 0 and give a different resolution, everything is back to normal.

    My second problem is still the not loading scenarios. Most of them waiting for localhost 3665. (
    If i click for the x to quit : sendto no route to host.

    If i connect to a lan cable (with or without internet) the problem solved.
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