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    Tom01 wrote:

    bash64 wrote:
    BTW: I never liked any of the iD games ever until Doom3 came around.
    Nope, never liked doom, quake, or any other iD crapola till Doom3.
    Doom3 is one the best games I have ever played.

    That is interesting.
    For me it is the other way round. Doom 3 is the weakest of all id games.

    Indeed. Doom 3 completely lacks the fast action and fun of the other Doom games, including the newer 2016 and Eternal games. As a horror and jumpscare game it works, but there were franchises like Dead Space and Silent Hill that just did that so much better. I found it quite disappointing when I got a demo to play back in the day.

    But it is good that something has appeared for MorphOS. This thread is originally from 2011, and the game is from 2004 - for any other platform that would put it firmly in the retro category.

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