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    Cool_amigaN escribió:
    No, that works, I have playtested it just yesterday late evening. Think you need to download the Android version. Anyway, working latest version (1.5 - was released just 3 days ago) can be found, here. Only the pause menu doesn't appear while ingame (pause/end game), though that works too (just navigate up/down and hit select). I have reached level 3. Perhaps another case for Papi to upload imo, 'cause you never know when it will be break or which version might be compatible. Great quality game by the way, with original story and great graphics.

    On the other hand, the famous A Tale of Vengeance has color distortion on some enemies' color palette with latest OpenBOR version but works great with the old one.

    I donwloaded the Android version because it has the pak file, but only shows a black screen with songs and sounds.
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