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    > I'll assume that supporting a subset of OpenGL was chosen
    > because its documentation is public knowledge, and DirectX
    > versions probably are not (please correct me if I am wrong).

    Direct3D API is openly documented as well, else you couldn't easily write programs that use it. Reason for implementing (subset of) OpenGL over Direct3D was most likely that OpenGL has always been on all platforms including Windows whereas Direct3D is a Windows-only thing.

    > Is there likely to be any updates to TinyGL

    Latest TinyGL updates are as recent as MorphOS 3.10. It's not unlikely that MorphOS 3.12 will contain further updates.

    > or is it more likely that new graphic improvements for MorphOS
    > will come in the form of SDL updates [...]?

    SDL does not contain a 3D graphics API so must be combined with an existing 3D API like OpenGL. Besides, MorphOS itself does not contain SDL (PowerSDL has been a 3rd party download so far).

    > is there anything that can be done to improve the current situation? What
    > would it take to make porting newer stuff possible, and writing new games
    > and programs natively for MorphOS able to use newer 3D standards?

    Simple: implement a recent OpenGL version ;-) AROS for instance has OpenGL 4.3 (through Mesa 12), and A-Eon's approach for OS4 (Warp3D Nova + OpenGL ES 2 + GL4ES/EGL, effectively giving OpenGL 2.1) is better than nothing.

    > If Bigfoot is going to spend his free coding time giving us better video card
    > drivers, it sure would be nice to take advantage of the increased 3D power
    > & speed, with newer games and programs, using newer 3D standards.

    Absolutely. Part of the problem may be kiero's limited availability.

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