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Posted By: guruman. on 2005/10/31 21:16:19
Paolo 'the Alien' Cattani and Alassoft released the full version of Virtual Grand Prix 2 for MorphOS FREE OF CHARGE!

The MorphOS version, with many thanks to Genesi/Freescale for the free ODW development system, is now available for download free of charge for personal use, as a thank you to the whole MorphOS community!

Virtual Grand Prix 2 is a modern open-wheeled racecar simulator by Paolo Cattani and his staff at Alas Soft (, the long-awaited sequel of the original Virtual Grand Prix developed for the Amiga range of computers.

VGP2 uses industrial standards for the simulation of the mechanical components of the car, thus achieving a very high degree of realism in the handling of the virtual one-seater. You can try to beat the advanced Artificial Intelligence of computer-controlled cars or challenge your friends with the multiplayer online race feature.

The MorphOS version of Virtual Grand Prix 2 is free for personal use, and you can download it from the link below. However, if you think that the software deserves it you can make a small donation for it - consider it somewhat "sequel-ware", if we collect some money we'll probably port to MorphOS any further development of the game or sequels.

The MorphOS version requires MorphOS 1.4.5, the 3D Update and a supported gfx board.

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    This is AWESOME!!!
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