MorphZone : : More Volunteers Needed
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/2/22 18:09:22
MorphZone is looking to fill two moderation positions:

1. LinkGrab Moderator. The linkgrab moderator must have Voyager, IBrowse, AWeb, A window-grabber, an art package, and some time on their hands.

2. Link Moderator. The link moderator just needs some time to browse the web.

1. The LinkGrab Moderator will go through the MorphWebDirectory database, looking for links that do not have a browser window-grab or logo. Then, they will acquire a window-grab, resized it, and make it available to the MorphZone staff.

Since the images will end up being small, they can probably be handled by email. Also, I expect that the naming convention should be "url.jpg". Of coarse, the staff is also open to suggestions.

2. The Link Moderator will be responsible for maintaining the links in the database, checking submitted links, and looking for new links to add to MorphWebDirectory.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please post something in the forums or contact one of the following:

Send Private Message to Senex Senex
Send Private Message to targhanTarghan
Send Private Message to FALCON1 Falcon