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Posted By: MorphDelf. on 2005/2/27 15:47:30
Let us just admit it. Amiga music was cool and still is. Nitro Nettradio is a service from Amitopia, helped by to give everyone a great Amiga nettradio.

Nitro have mostly shows in Norwegian, but if there is interests in getting Nitro more international. That wont be a problem.

Nitro Nettradio gives you AmigaMODs, RetroDance, Disco and even J-POP (Japaneese music). There is amiga updates and news shows, including Karaoke shows in the weekends.

Link here:

So, if you just want to hear some good retro music etc. Then Nitro is something for you.

Welcome to Nitro :) A nettradio that also mentions MorphOS alot.