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Posted By: rms. on 2004/12/24 16:42:52
First, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2005 to all MorphOS users!

Here is the VERY GOOD NEWS....
Pavel Kanzelsberger, the author of Pixel32, is doing a MorphOS port of his excellent and powerfull image editor. It's comparable to Photoshop in many ways and has all the features a high quality image editor should have...

The MorphOS specific version will be available by the beginning of 2005 and it is already possible to purchase it at:

for the very reasonable price of USD 32.00. I'd like to encourage all MorphOS users who need professional image processing to consider purchasing Pixel32 and thereby to encourage the author in his developpement of this MorphOS port.

Also, as you can see on his website, the fee covers Pixel32 for several other platforms. Have a look on the website, it's really worth it!
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    I have absolutely no need for yet another pixel/image processing application (I have *every* Amiga package and FXPaint MOS) but I will surely spend $32 to support the effort...that is assuming the MOS devs get off their thumbs and commit to whether or not we are having a future version of MorphOS!

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    WOW ! What a wonderful news for me! I needed a modern GFX software and
    here it is !

    Thanks a lot !!
    N'cha, LorD
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    Yes correct, we have a lot of pixel/image processing programs for Amiga as well as for MOS but NONE are capable to do a RGB > CMYK convertion, neither do they have/use a callibration like ICS or ICM. Now just think that you process an image for use in a PageStream document which afterwards you print. If you modify/process the image under callibration, you will see EXACTELY the same on the monitor as what will be printed on your paper. IMHO, with such a program we, MorphOS users, make a BIG step forward and this way come closer to professional applications like used on Mac.

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    ...a must have application!
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