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Posted By: Miky060. on 2004/9/28 22:01:12
Hi all!
Guys from CruxPPC (going to the airport to fly to the SNDF) contacted me asking to post this great news..

The version 2.0 (based on kernel) of CRUX PPC has been finally released! It works on Apple and PegasosII systems. You can get more info at on the official CRUX PPC web site.
The CRUX PPC team will partecipate at the Smart Networks Developer Forum 2004 that this year will be held at Frankfurt where they will present the waited 2.0 version of the CRUX port for the PowerPC platform.
Have lot of fun! :P
The CRUX PPC Team.
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    Very good news! :-)
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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    Is there any screenshot of crux ?
    Which window managers can I use(install) ???
    OpenBox ???

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    Well done - congrats to the CRUX PPC Team!
    Great! :-)

    Is there a version for the Pegasos I also in work?
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    Well I got Crux installed on my Pegasos II system and it boots OK but I can't get the X11 interface working. StartX just aborts. I have an ATI Radeon 9000 Pro card for compiling the kernel. I'm using the included .config for Pegasos systems. The X11 interface tries to load the vesa module but apparently vesa is just for x86 systems. Anyone got the GUI working?


    Edit: OK I got the video working now. You have to completely setup the XF86Config file with your video card, monitor, and mouse. I also had to comment out the PC98 keyboard and NEC keyboard in the example XF86Config file. GUI is VERY basic but good enough for testing. Now I gotta try to get the embedded LAN working. Firefox starts up OK by the way.

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