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Posted By: tonho. on 2004/7/1 23:36:04

Apart from the typical party stuff there will be a operating systems' exhibition (featuring a bebox, an amiga 1200 and two pegasos) as well as a Pegasos/MorphOS presentation (Spanish).

There will be a workshop called "Programming on BeOS" as well as a Presentation of Zeta Operating System, carried by Mr. Bernd Korz, CVO of yellowTAB.
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    I've just read the presentation resume, and it looks amazing: Antonio "Tonho" Noguera will speak about MorphOS and Pegasos in every imaginable category, both from the historic and the technical point of view. He will cover both high and low level areas, from ambient and applications to things like POSIX compatibility and the FORTH language interpreter in SmartFirmware!
    Truly awesome Tonho!

    See ya!

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    Thanks Juan Carlos! :)
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