MorphZone : : MorphZone Mission Statement
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/2/17 7:48:17
What is MorphZone? Why is it here? MorphZone is a community portal for the MorphOS platform, the Pegasos hardware, and other related electronic equipment.

MorphZone: A Mission.

The MorphZone portal isn't just another news site.

MorphZone is a PORTAL. The MorphWebDirectory is a repository of websites that intrest the MorphOS and Pegasos users. This directory is searchable, and the links are maintained by actual people. If you need to find a MorphOS website, start here first.

MorphZone is VIP Forums: Yup, we have forums. Why are our forums special? Special guests will come in on occation and post in the Generator Forums, so a public venue to VIP's is provided here. Should you ditch your old stomping grounds? NO! We believe variety is the spice of life, so even *we* haven't stopped posting elsewhere!

MorphZone is a News Magazine. MorphZone carries the headlines from for daily news, but our goal is to give more indepth coverage of the news that really matters. Articles, Reviews, FAQ's, and the in-depth stuff to bring all of the news into perspective.

What MorphZone is not:

MorphZone is not a daily news and rumor site. We aren't here to replace any existing website. Our main goal is to fill a void that has been left through the closing of several community sites over the years, and to bring more content to the growing MorphOS platform!

We would be honored if you could come with us on our long journey to success.


Your MorphZone Team