MorphZone : : Maintenance Upgrade
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/3/20 17:06:54
MorphZone is currently undergoing a service upgrade. If you experience an interruption in service, this is why. Thank you for your patience.

Updating several aspects of MorphZone, and we hope these improvements will make your visits more enjoyable.

Thank you,
MorphZone Staff
  • Targhan
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    That Xoops update was all kinds of wrong. I put it back.

    To ALL morphzone visitors: if anything is broken today, that was not broken yesterday--let me know!

    To my friends running other Xoops sites: do not upgrade to 1.3.9 until some more stuff gets into the Xoops forums on the xoops page!

    MorphOS portal?
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