MorphOS : : openssl3.library - February 2023 Hotfix for MorphOS 3.17
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2023/2/8 19:15:53

Another round of vulnerabilities have been identified and fixed for the version of OpenSSL that is included in MorphOS 3.17. Eight discovered issues, namely CVE-2023-0286, CVE-2022-4304, CVE-2022-4203, CVE-2023-0215, CVE-2022-4450, CVE-2023-0216, CVE-2023-0217 and CVE-2023-0401, were found to potentially affect MorphOS users.

A fixed OpenSSL library will be bundled with a future MorphOS release. Meanwhile, you can install the following replacement openssl3.library that fixes the problem for MorphOS 3.17: Download

To install it, copy the file to MOSSYS:Libs and reboot.

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    Thank you for the update, but yhe library with a little installer, will be better than hand copy.
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