Events : : AmiCamp #5 - 10-11 December
Posted By: walkero. on 2016/12/5 9:34:37
AmiCamp #5, the Amiga event for all the Greek Amiga User, will take place in Athens - Greece on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of December. It will be open to the public and all the Amiga enthusiasts who keep using and having fun with their Amigas, especially the Next Generation ones.

Visitors will have the chance to watch presentations about the major operating systems (AmigaOS 4, MorphOS). Computers such as AmigaOne X1000, AmigaOne 500, Pegasos II will be available among the best Classic Amiga models, which they can use and test. The gaming will also be part of the event, as well, and a SWOS competition will take place.

More information you can find at the official website

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We look forward to see you all at AmiCamp on December 10th!
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    I 'll take part as usual and will be presenting my G4 MorphOS system :) I am also organizing the swos competition which is based on the latest update and we have booked more than 16 players already. Finally, the latest issue of RetroPlanet which rolled out a couple of days ago, will be there for anyone who wants to grab it live, rather by post.
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