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Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/3/3 1:13:33
Due to Targhan's HDD going "boom," the webmaster will not be updating the site as much in the next few days....

In case anyone is wondering:

1. The system is a Celery950 running Amithlon.
2. the "other side" isn't using FAT partitions.
3. The HDD data needs to go to a CD.
4. ....New Community Site is on the way ;-) No, it's not for MorphOS or AmigaOS, and that's all that is being said for the moment. Have fun at the rumor-mill!
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    heh! The Power Supply on my Celery400 is 'going out of business' and the fan doesn't work sometimes. Last night it nearly burnt out
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    They just don't make 'em like they used to! How many of us still have a working A500 power-supply? Even a power-supply from an A1000? Yet, every other day I hear about a PeCe psu going out :-/

    MorphOS portal?
  • »2003/3/3 17:39
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