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Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/2/10 23:05:51
Voyager Information

1. After the refresh page appears from logging in, please use the "Reload" button from the toolbar.

2. We haven't tested the site under V3.3.126, so if you use Picasso96 and V3.3.126--you may crash. According to the Voyager M/L, there is a bug between P96, V3.3.126, and Xoops driven websites. If you use Voyager, but not MorphOS, we recommend using Voyager3.3.122

MorphZone Administration

Please see for Voyager resources.

The archives from the Voyager Mailing-List are available to the public from as well.
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    Just posting a test comment to make sure everything is working.

    Another note, there are plenty of themes available for testing--and some don't work too well in voyager. If you run into a theme that you can't get back to your personal setting one, drop a PM to me, with your nick, and I'll put the theme back to the default theme.

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