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Posted By: ASiegel. on 2010/9/2 8:32:55
Carsten Siegner has released the first public version of Magical Ink, a new vector paint application for MorphOS 2.5. The software can import OpenOffice Draw, Microsoft Word (97), SVG documents as well as common text and bitmap graphics files. Currently, it can also export to the PDF, SVG, PNG and EPS file formats.

The software requires at least MorphOS 2.5 or higher, antiword-0.37 (for Word95 Import), fonts from an OWB installation, a screen size of at least 1024x768 or higher and a bare minimum of 100 MB of memory. Please note that, not unlike OWB, the software may have to create a font cache on the first run which may take several minutes.

Link: Download
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    It also requires Enhanced Display turned on, the background page flashes like hell during any editing operation without it. Also for some strange reason I can't place any geometrical object (line, rectangle, circle, whatever...) on the page. I "draw" the line, but it seems to be invisible both while drawing and when I relase the mouse button.
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    Congratulations! Very exciting! Thank you..

    @ Krashan

    Where do you switch on the Enhanced Display in the prefs please?
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    Thanks for the release!!!! The program has a lot of tools and utilities and a nice style!!
    But.... I tried to add a picture using your method (I saw the video on youtube and used like a tutorial :-) ) but nothing happens..

    System Settings/Screen/select Ambient (or whatelse) screen and a screen settings window appear. There you can select skin and other settings and near the Background selector you will see "Enhanced display": that is the switcher!

    EDIT: Well, I downloaded fonts using the tool included and now all is working great!! Thanks again for the release and if you want to consider me as italian translator, don't esitate! :-)

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    i suggest removing 'svg support' because as i see svg is converted to bitmap or is rasterized before exporting to pdf
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    This program shows potential for a really good app. I've already reported some bugs/ideas to author, now waiting for a reply. Keep up the good work, I cannot wait to see ver. 1.0 and above.
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    Kudos on the effort! For me, this will become a commonly used application as I am involved with some local music acts and about to start a label. This will make press kits, flyers, and other DIY marketing efforts a snap - and most importantly, allow me to use Morphos for this task. :)

    I have to wrap my head around using the text editing method and play with it some more, but I was snapping around the thing very easily and within seconds. Great, Great, Great, stuff. Thanks again! I look forward to further releases.
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