MorphOS : : PowerMac G4 to become a supported hardware platform soon
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2009/11/30 5:40:37
Ralph Schmidt announced in the MorphZone forums that MorphOS will soon include support for Apple's PowerMac G4 range of computers. While they are not as compact and portable as Mac Minis, they are often more affordable (compared to 1.5 Ghz Mac Mini models), can be faster (1.8 Ghz G4) and offer far superior expandability options to all power users who need them.

"MorphOS also runs on PowerMAC G4 systems now and support for other new world PowerMACs will probably only depend on some validation.

At the moment my test system is a PowerMAC 1.42Ghz Dual CPU MDD(Mirror Drive) F800 with a Radeon9000 which is the last generation of these G4 PowerMACs.
A PowerMAC(probably Quicksilver) with 1.8 Ghz should arrive here this week, though with an useless Mach32 gfxcard installed.

gives a good overview over the different PowerMAC modells.
The problem is that you can only really expect an equipped ATI 9000 gfxcard with these MDD modells, otherwise you need to get an Apple Radeon 9000 or maybe a 9800 in the future.

These Apple specific gfxcards are more expensive for rarity reasons I suppose but there is a website to flash specific PC Radeons into Apple versions but I haven't tried that yet.
But I definitely look into that for a Radeon 9800.

At the moment the prices for these systems are extremely attractive. I got the last generation MDD modell for 270Euro last month, probably a bit overpriced but it is rarer than any other last generation G4.
But these MDDs don't seem to be easy to upgrade the cpu, so if somebody is really interested in a faster G4 cpucard you should better go for Quicksilver modells.
The older MDD(non F800) also seem to have a reputation for being noisy but there are specific fan replacement kits for them.

The 1.8Ghz(Sonnet cpucard) one I got for around 140Euro and similar versions sold between 100 and 200Euro so these kind of systems don't seem to be that rare. I've definitely seen several of them the last weeks.

So, if you're interested into these systems for MorphOS in the near future you should pay attention on ebay and look for the right modell as official MorphOS support for them can be expected sooner than later. Definitely a lot easier than catching a 1.5Ghz Mac Mini."
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    I just got a job on Friday too, so will be registering my Mac-mini real soon (first payday) as a Christmas present to myself.

    Thanks guys, your ongoing expansion of the supported hardware base is most welcome and appreciated :-)

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    The more supported PPC Macs, the better!
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    sounds like a small step for further G5 PowerMacs :)

    bye, MarK.
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    sounds like a small step for further G5 PowerMacs :)

    The PowerMAC G5 would be the ultimate PPC goal. I would really love to see that. The G5's are getting cheap on used sites like ebay or kijiji.

    After that, I would think a port to a new architecture would be prudent. x86 please.
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    So does this include G4 eMacs?
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    @ tonyyeb

    From interview with Mark Olsen you can read the :

    The eMac port was done by Frank Mariak, and as far as I understand, with the Mac mini code in place, that port wasn't too much work. I believe only sound recording isn't working. eMac support will likely be added to MorphOS 2.5.

    A link to the interview :
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    > sounds like a small step for further G5 PowerMacs :)

    Technically, G4 PowerMacs have more similarities to all other G4 Macs than to G5 PowerMacs.

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    > So does this include G4 eMacs?

    No, G4 PowerMac support does not include G4 eMac support. That's because eMacs are not PowerMacs. Nonetheless, MorphOS 2.5 might come with both G4 PowerMac and G4 eMac support.
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