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Posted By: spotUP. on 2007/1/15 17:44:17
The Hively Tracker Competition

Hi all! The deadline for the Hively Tracker competition is getting closer, I just wanted to remind you all that Hively Tracker 1.2 is available for AmigaOS 4 and AmigaOS 3. The 68k version also runs nicely under MOS.
Don't miss your chance of winning a C64-DTV
Upload you entry via the competition page now!

Info about the competition:

To celebrate the release of HivelyTracker 1.2 for OS4 and OS3.x, IRIS and Up Rough have teamed up with GGS-Data to bring you the HivelyTracker music competition.

The Hively Tracker Competition

We are inviting everyone to make a song in HivelyTracker, and enter it into a competition to win a C64-DTV. Members of IRIS and Up Rough will judge the winning entry to receive the prize, which has been kindly donated by GGS-Data.

Then, all the entries will be released in a music disk after the competition has finished.

The rules of the competition are:

* Entries must be in the Hively Tracker format
* Entries must be unreleased, and cannot be released outside of the music disk until after the music disk is released.
* The winner will be decided by IRIS and Up Rough, and our decision is final.
* Entries must be received by the 31st of January 2007
* The author give IRIS and Up Rough full permission to distribute their entry or entries however we see fit.
* Songs from IRIS and Up Rough members will not be entered into the competition for the DTV, but they will appear in the music disk.