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Posted By: CISC. on 2006/3/31 8:10:24
Some MorphOS services will be periodically offline during the next few days due to restructuring of a few machines as well as relocation...

This does not mean that MorphOS is dead, nor that Laire left the MorphOS team, and it doesn't mean that there will be no more MorphOS updates.

It also doesn't mean we're preparing to announce MorphOS for Efika, and even though the webpage saying that MorphOS does not violate the GPL will be offline it doesn't mean it suddenly does.

Infact, it doesn't mean anything except what previously stated, and any speculations or statements hitherto are patently ( 696616666) false.

So, Don't Panic(tm), the quantum phase-space will shortly be restored to an undistinguishable equivalent of what you already perceived it to be.

) Don't Panic(tm) is a trademark of the estate of Douglas Adams, reading this phrase without owning or immediately buying all his books will result in severe legal actions.
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    Oh my god Morphos is dead!!!11!!!!1111!

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    Oh my god Morphos is dead!!!11!!!!1111!

    Long live MorphOS!!!

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