How do I set upp UAE in MorphOS?
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    Well, it's not complicated. I even provided presets for A1200, A500 and Workbench usage in the archive, in Conf/ directory.
    Assuming you put the kickstart files in the right place (roms/ directory), you just start UAE that way:

    uae -f conf/A500.conf or
    uae -f conf/A1200.conf or
    uae -f conf/wb.conf
    and so on ...

    if you need to pass an adf, you do it that way:
    uae -f conf/A1200.conf -0 blah.adf

    Now, i suggest you bind UAE to ADF mimetype in Ambient with that kind of commaand : path:to/uae/uae -f path:to/uae/conf/blah.conf -0 %sp to ADF
    That way, you can start any ADF just by doubleclicking it.

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    Thanks for the answer :-)

    I will try this out when I come home from my wakation.
    Sorry for sounding so negative, it is probably not so hard to set up
    wen Im not so stresed. :-)
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