Pegasos 2 harddrive troubles.....
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    suddenly had this wierd troubles with my pegasos 2, stopped using it to be sure not to break anything but something fishy in the water here..


    Soo i start my peg and type my boot "boot hd:0 boot.img ramdebug", Morphos Boots and thats fine so far.
    But then i reset my peg and the "Master" harddrive with my Boot is gone..
    trying to reset it futher does not help, as the only harddrive found in openfirmware is the slave drive Storage drive.
    The only time it finds the Boot drive is when i do a coldboot..


    Soo anyone know what the problem is, anyone had same trouble ?
    Wondering if i have enought power or if the harddrive is dying tbh...

    plz reply everyone and anyone ;D


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    Hi Xlzt,

    look first in firmware env-variables and devalias to check if everything is all right there.
    I had some month ago also troubles with my my HD. I had to change it for a better one,
    but one of the strange things was that I had to change some variables in firmware.
    But if your HD time has come it will sometimes start but it gets worse and worse and at he end you can only give him his eternal rest.

    Look here:
    for my questions and the help I got..

    Regards Tom
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