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    I understand that, but if you read what AmigaDave said then you will understand why I said that.

    "And since they have already stated that they will most likely loose backward compatibility with Amiga 68k software during that change, why not make a complete jump with a new kernel that will also allow for the use of many existing drivers, by using an existing Linux kernel and building a new MorphOS on top of it.

    Then we could use the existing Linux based UAE for backward compatibility with Amiga programs. I think this is the only feasible way forward that would allow greater flexibility, and possibly the MorphOS Dev. Team could even make it so we could run any Linux program with little or even zero changes, or recompiling, from this new version of MorphOS for ARM."
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    > if you read what AmigaDave said then you will understand why I said that.

    Sorry, it wasn't obvious that your comment #99 was an answer to 6-year old comment #86.
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    If this is not future for Amiga and MorphOS operating sytem, I do not know what it is.


    Cheap affordable hardware, ARM based, single platform to develop drivers for. Enough power for low footprint OS.
    Power will grow as times goes by. large user base.

    All in all, I think that is the way to go.

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