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    Anyone know where Krono's Steamdraw can be downloaded, and if it have arexx port ?
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    How should I know ? :-P

    But yeah, axed the domain sometime ago and moved to free&cryptic URL.

    No SteamDraw on there (well actually there is, if you find the betas....).

    I just did some work on it today, but ATM the work on Ambient has priority so no I don't have a version I would releas to public right now.

    I'll let roschmyr do some testing on the current beta over the weekend and if it's not all to bad I might make it a public one (but be warned, when I say beta I realy mean alpha .... :roll: ).

    ARexx ? No not really, there might be some minimal port provided by MUI but that wouldn't be too usefull.
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