java, someday?
  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    After being cursed with internet banking using BankID for logging in or their visa transactions, I need java for using my bank services.

    So my question is will it ever be available,or when?
    Are there any efforts going on to get java for morphos at all?
  • »27.05.10 - 11:46
  • MorphOS Developer
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    BankID is teh ev!l, avoid it if you can (I know, it's hard, but still possible), as for Java (which is not so much teh ev!l as teh failed but now somewhat revived by Google (Android)) it's quite unlikely to ever happen (except for maybe a Dalvik port (which isn't compatible with regular Java anyway) ;) ).

    - CISC
  • »27.05.10 - 14:13
  • Just looking around
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    Thats sad... Lack of Java support is the one thing that makes me use morphos as my secondary os and not my primary.
    If there were an active bounty on the subject, I would gladly put some dollars there.
  • »28.05.10 - 10:33
  • MorphOS Developer
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    Full blown JRE would require so much resources that no bounty can even remotely touch it. Just look at all the amiga java projects over the years.

    Personally I think that Java is dead on desktop anyway.
  • »28.05.10 - 11:29
  • Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    People who make web pages that require Java in client side should be shooted in the legs inmediately.

    Don't hold your breath for Java happening on Amiga. Perhaps if you could find Holger Kruse and seduce him you could recover his old Daytona sources but these are so old now that are probably useless.
  • »28.05.10 - 12:03
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