Titler 2.0
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    I posted news...but its still not on mz.
    Here you go:

    Today new Titler 2.0 has arrived. This new version has great new features like:
    - availability of animation creation
    - creating flat images in 3d scene
    - loading textures by datatype, reggae and avcoded
    - save anims in formats supported by mencoder
    - other features (check manual)
    This powerful animation creator in alpha state but is free and can produce professional-quality animations for titling, video editing and presentations.
    Titler is the app used to produce AmitopiaTV animations - you can find a demo video here.

    You can download Titler from here.
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    Sorry. I must have had "Preview" on when approving. I thought it was put up as newsitem.

    Cool stuff mate
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    Downloaded and briefly tested... Congratulations!
    A real nice and massive upgrade! Video is really impressive...!
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    Great stuff Stef, very impressive.
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