CD ROM Problem
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    Got MorphOS PowerUP running on this lovely Amiga. Everything is fine, except the CD-ROM Mounting. Well it seems that my CD-ROM is not recognized by MorphOS.

    I am using the 4IDE Speedup by VOB with 40 Gb 2.5" HD and Slim CD TEAC 20x.
    However scsi.device recognizes only the Hard Disk on Unit 0.
    Have tried two different CD fileSystems on L (CacheCDFS and AsimCDFS) using different parameters on the CD0 mount file: I am using scsci.device on units 0-3 only getting it to work on unit 0. It boots with no error message but when I try to launch CD 0 I take Cd0 ? Not A DOS Disk?. Trying other unit results on Boot Error Message: Can not open scsi.device on Unit X.

    I am also using atapi.device copied form OS3.5 on units 0-3 only to take Boot Error Message ?Device not found on Unit X? for one more time.

    To boot up, I am using the module1.idehack and have removed the fakerom.elf from the extmodules directory.

    I am booting LoadIDE and IDEFix on the first startup sequence -before MorphOS loader-. Otherwise the system freezes on Boot.

    Any kind of help would be REALY appreciated.

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    It was quite a while ago, but as far as i recall, 4IDE adapters are not supported by MorphOS. Only the first, or first two (primary master/slave) devices will work, via a 4IDE adapter.

    Edit: Hmm, there was some experimental 4IDE support, indeed, but as the name says, it's experimental. So your mileage may vary...

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