some MOS PUP benchmarks needed
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    Hi there!

    I'm currently running some "real life" benchmarks to see how MorphOS performs on different configurations.

    Could someone please run a few tests on his MOS PUP config and post the results here?

    Here are a few that I've already done on my Efika:

    1. DigiRoller (both 68k and native version)
    - Speed test
    - Converting a given file (AKsack.DBM) to a .wav file

    (note: 68k emulation in DigiRoller for OS 3.x speeds up after 3-4 trials (at least in my case), so the results may differ - it's safer to perform at least 5 tests and then write down the best result).

    2. Converting the output .wav file from test 1 to mp3 using lame (again, the 68k 3.98.2d from Aminet (I used the 060+FPU version), and MOS native 3.98 from Aminet) using standard parameters.

    3. Counting how many seconds it takes to copy the output .wav file from test 1 to RAM and another HDD partition

    I've made some more tests. If someone wants to repeat them on his config then please let me know.

    Results (in Polish, but I think everything is quite self-explanatory) can be found here
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