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    The first official Greek MorphOS Forum is up and running since May 2008 under the moniker of Greek MorphOS Community. It is one more move of pure support for the MorphOS operaitng system. The forum includes many interesting topic about MorphOS and the platforms that it runs or will run (Pegasos, AmigaPPC, Efika) and is powered by the AmigaHellas site / community hosted in AmigaHellas servers. In co operation with the Greek AmigaHellas Magazine the forum members will work together to provide articles in a monthly basis, this way we would spread the word of MorphOS in many more people.

    I know that the Greek MorphOS community is not that big but my main target is to inform the rest of the Greek Amiga Community about MorphOS taking as a fact that inside the -Greek- Amiga Community there are people who are interested on alternative Operating Systems and Platforms and the trip is even more interesitng if an alternative OS or Platform carries the Amiga Spirit (call me MorphOS or Pegasos).

    Anyone that would like to have more info about this could send a PM to the user CountRaven or simply use the to send any kind of related stuff (news, updates etc) for transilaiton and publishing to the Greek MorphOS Forum Pages.

    Long live MorphOS.


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    excellent :-)
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    What happened to the forum? I would have been very interested to read up on tips or on any progress on polytonic issues.
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