• Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    From: Greece
    Changed my KingSton 64MB memory with an AFM 256MB (133Mhz). Actually
    got two of 256MB but the Peg1 would not work with both of them
    installed. When I place the 256MB memory everything would be fine but
    from time to time the Peg1 would not boot. Would dispaly the Error
    Message "Error While Trying To Load Or Boot" -before MOS starts in
    the open firmware screen- and would place me into the firmware command
    line "ok" without loading MOS.

    If I put out the 256MB memory for a while and re-put it again into the
    same or the other memory slot the Peg would boot ok. That situation
    have made me to leave my Peg open -without its cases- so that
    everytime this error message would appear to be able to change the
    memory slot and reboot.


    1. Does anyone knows why this problem exists and is there anything to
    do to fix it?

    2. And to make it ismpler: Has anyone got a WORKIGNG memory for Peg1
    to sale? I would prefer it to be 512MB or !Giga or even 256MB but has
    to be TESTED and WORKING on PEG1

    I know that the problem has to do with memory compatibility but I am
    positng it here just in case there is a solution to fix it and to find
    a suitable working memory after all...

    With 64MB RAM I can do nothing.. Ok it works fine but I can not run
    even a single Sputnik...

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  • Caterpillar
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    From: Canada
    ok, first you may want to make sure you get low density ( double sided ) RAM - chips on both sides of the memory stick. I believe this is what you have?

    Next, get a brand name. Getting no-name RAM will cause memory issues. Had a friend who did the same and his computer would give him problems.

    Try to get these brands:
    Micron or Kingston

    A few other very good brands that should work well too:
    Corsair, Crucial, Mushkin, Infineon

    I realize finding PC133 RAM will be hard but going for No-name ( low quality ) RAM is always a bad idea.
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  • Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Posts: 563 from 2007/12/10
    From: Greece
    yeap I got low density double sided PC133 RAM. But I managed to find
    only this name. That is why I am posting here for the case that
    someone sells a tested, working on Peg1 one. I guess that KingSton
    would be the ideal choice. So I would wait for offers -I can paypal
    right away- or advice of how to solve the problem. Thanks.
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  • jPV
  • Paladin of the Pegasos
    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    From: po-RNO
    Yeah, It's totally random when buying memory for Pegasos1. Makes it a lot of easier if it's tested to work on it.

    In my quest for a 512M or bigger mem, I found that it's a lot of easier to find smaller working mem.. but no matter if it's small or big, it never works with pairs :)

    I even ordered one quality Kingston ram, which was reported to work here on Peg1 mem compatibility list, but it didn't work. Apparently memory manufacturers use different brand of chips even for same model of their memory modules.

    The I finally got lucky and found working 512M module from my friend's stock... Kingston KTC-PRL133... but I'm not selling :)
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  • Paladin of the Pegasos
    Paladin of the Pegasos
    Posts: 1289 from 2003/2/25
    From: binaryriot
    > Error While Trying To Load Or Boot

    wasn't that the error caused by moving the ps2 mouse around while booting in OF? I remember OFW of peg1 had such weird issue.
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  • Caterpillar
    Posts: 37 from 2008/1/4
    From: Canada
    jPV is right. Kingston uses different brand of chips on their memory even for the same model. So, I wouldn't say Kingston is the best choice.

    Micron & Crucial ( use Micron chips ) RAM are the best choices. Micron RAM seems to work everywhere. Some other manufacturers use Micron chips on their RAM sticks too. Infineon is high quality too. An example, I have a Dell laptop. I went to the computer store to upgrade the RAM. Tried 4 or 5 different brands ( one of which was Samsung ) & none of them would work. Ended up finding Crucial RAM, bought it and it works great. Was told that certain Laptops can be more picky when it comes to RAM.

    Some other places to look for RAM are:
    1) Ebay ( ); Try UK.
    2) Computer stores that sell only used parts
    3) Local forsale newsgroup

    From my x86 experience. The only way to get ( low quality ) RAM to work more stable is to:
    a) lower memory timings in the BIOS and/or
    b) reduce bus speed ( FSB )
    I don't believe the Open Firmware allows you to do either of these on Pegasos board. So, you will have to replace the memory instead. Also, getting higher quality RAM will avoid memory errors which may cause crashes, freezes or data errors.
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  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
    Posts: 254 from 2004/4/22
    The Articia S is so crappy that you pretty much
    need to use Registered modules.

    Smart Firmware and/or Pegasos 1 and 2 have
    serious bugs when it comes to memory modules.

    Not even the Pegasos 2 took my Kingston-module.
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  • Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Posts: 641 from 2004/1/25
    From: Prague, The Cz...
    well... i bought (in it's times) very expensive 512 registered kingston module for peg1, and... it works as a 256 meg module...

    but with pegasos2 all modules works, there is only problem when i paired two different modules, 512 and 256 (each with different timings), and that caused some trance freezing... else it worked okay. now i have two 512 modules, same timings, just another manufacturer, and it works as a charm.

    bye, MarK.
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  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    From: West of PARIS
    change your ram for ECC module they are quite cheap now !!! especialy in UK

    I got 2x 512mb ECC P133 in my Peg1 april 1 and no memory problem at all
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    Maybe one day a G4 AmigaONE when they will be debugged and without April...
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