PersonalPaint not starting.
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    This subject was already discussed and solved years ago in a previous thread that I'm not able to find now.

    Anyway, the problem is that PersonalPaint loads by default two libraries that try to use the classic Amiga hardware (Agnus and the blitter).

    Go into your installation of PersonalPaint and find the directory PPaint_Prefs. Here you must find the file Startup_1.set. Edit this file with your preferred text editor (yes it is a text file!). Search for the word BLITLIBS. If this really is the source of your problem, you will find a line of text like this:

    BLITLIBS = "personal_agnus_blit.library", "personal_68060_blit.library", 1

    You must delete the final 1 and substitute it with 0:

    BLITLIBS = "personal_agnus_blit.library", "personal_68060_blit.library", 0

    This ensures that PersonalPaint will not try to load and use these libraries.

    Save the file and try to start again PersonalPaint. Now when you run the program the computer should not freeze.

    Then you may still have problems with the screen mode, but this is a minor problem that you can cure adjusting the settings from within the program.

    Good luck!
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