• Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    From: Norway
    What happend to the Megalospirit game i was waiting for?

    after a little search i found the site of the game,

    but the link at the buttom of the page is password protected and since i don't know french i don't really know where it leads either. 8)

    Someone know? LorD where are you? :)

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  • Acolyte of the Butterfly
    Acolyte of the Butterfly
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    In short it says that they are looking for additional graphicians to complete the project, remarking that is too much burden for just one man, anyone willing should apply, the project evolves in quite a satisfying way these days and those listed are completation percentages of the graphics for the levels already designed, they held
    a demonstration last July at Nass 6 in Surgeres.

    hope to have been useful :)
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  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
    Posts: 250 from 2005/1/19
    From: Norway
    Thanks C64Days =)

    I hope that someone here will join this project.
    and by someone i mean, somone with gfx experience.

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  • Butterfly
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    Sorry, We haven't put online any progress, but people present during the NASS seemed very pleased to see the game running (even if it was only on a PC by now). What was shown :
    - 3 playable levels (1 nearly finished, the 2 others not yet complete)
    - the player could shoot 3 different ennemies with 3 different weapons and 4 level of powere
    - and a technical explanation

    We wante to do a video of this presentation, but it was not possible, so we decided that we will build a special video teaser but I need some time to edit levels ad ennemies according to new features... then someone else (hello bigdan) will capture levels and we will prepare a good video for you.

    Sorry for the delay, but we are only 2 behig this game :-(.

    Stay tunned, Megalospirit is well alive ;)

    PS : yes we are looking for an extra graphician to help me, expecialy if he knows how to do animated sprites in 32bits format.

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    N'cha, LorD
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